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A white label platform for artist and brands to
build their mobile presence.
OTT channel partnership for content distribution outside social network.
OTT Partners
Notable Clients
A Subscrition based platform for Artist to
create Exclusive experience for the fans.
Notable Clients
Rampage Jackson
Chris Jericho
T Boz
Mike Portnoy
David Ellefson
Press & Media
Jericho Announces his return to WWE on TweetSecret.
TweetSecret mention in Economics Times
Tboz announces ProjectNext by TweetSecret, an online reality show
Meet the Team
Jeff Wiener
Over 25 years of experience in Media and Communication technologies. Hyper-Connected. BMG, Lucent, AT&T.
Cal Boyington
Deep passion and knowledge of the entertainment industry across all verticals. Paradigm, CBS, ICM, MGM, VH-1, Comedy Central.
Shivanshu Jindal
Passionate about building software products. Deep understanding of media-tech products. Sold first software at age of 17.
About us
hollywood, usa
IASI, romania
Delhi, India
Tweetsecret was founded in 2012 in California US with aim to facilitate production of short-form media content with mobile phones and a platform to monetize it instantly, We have partnered with many celebrities to produce content for their fans which is distributed via our proprietary platform + Teasers on Social media + OTT channels.
With native social-media integration, the content itself spreads among the fans without any marketing efforts, making it super easy for anybody with significant social following to be part of the system. We have also partnered with some popular OTT channels to distribute content for reach outside social-media.
Tweetsecret has proprietary video-editor account management fan apps which communicate to out cloud servers which are capable if transcoding and serving videos on scale, To monetize the content we offer both subscription based in-app purchases and sponsorship based models.